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source: The Complete Book of Mah-Jongg
        A.D. Millington
        Arthur Barker Limited, London (1977)

Apply all "basic" points first, and doubles afterwards. Doubles apply to all previous points, and are cumulative.

None of these scores are exclusive; use all that apply.

In most of the doubling and Special Limit hand items, "pong" may be pong or kong; an exposed kong made by annexing a discard to a concealed pong shall be considered a concealed set; drawing bonus tiles in the process of fulfilling the requirements of an item below shall not disqualify usage of that item (e.g. bonus tile from the kong box while completing Kong upon Kong)

Basic points applicable to all hands
0any chow
2pong of minor tiles, exposed
4pong of minor tiles, concealed
4pong of major tiles, exposed
8pong of major tiles, concealed
8kong of minor tiles, exposed
16kong of minor tiles, concealed
16kong of major tiles, exposed
32kong of major tiles, concealed
2pair of Dragons
2pair of player's own Wind
2pair of Prevailing Wind
0any other pair

Basic points applicable only by a Mah-Jongg hand
10completing the hand (obtaining Mah-Jongg)
2final tile was drawn from the wall
2filling the only place (may take discards and all exposed sets on table into consideration)
2Fishing the Eyes - obtaining Mah-Jongg by completing the pair of minor tiles
4Fishing the Eyes - obtaining Mah-Jongg by completing the pair of major tiles

Doubles applicable to all hands
(number denotes how many doubles)
1player has both his own flower and own season
1all four flowers
1all four seasons
1set of Dragons
1set of player's own Wind
1set of Prevailing Wind
1Little Three Dragons - two sets of Dragons, and pair of the third
2Big Three Dragons - three sets of Dragons (sl:Three Great Scholars)
1Little Four Joys - three sets of Winds and pair of the fourth
2Big Four Joys - four sets of Winds (sl:Four Joys in Full)
1three concealed pongs (sl:Buried Treasure)

Doubles applicable to Mah-Jongg hands only
(special limit variation of each given in parentheses and "sl")
(number denotes how many doubles)
1No-Score - four sequences and non-scoring pair
1Birds Singing in Harmony - no sequences (sl:Buried Treasure)
1entirely concealed hand (sl:Buried Treasure)
1One Suit - one suit and honour tiles (sl:Imperial Jade)
3Clear Suit - one suit, no honours (sl:Nine Sacred Lamps of Lotus, The Wriggling Snake, Concealed Clear Suit)
1all major tiles (sl:Heads and Tails)
2all honour tiles (sl:All Symbols)
1Opening a Flower on the Top of a Mountain / winning on the roof - completing hand by drawing loose tile (sl:Gathering Plum Blossom from the Roof)
1Winning From the Bottom of the Sea - completing hand by drawing the last available tile from the live wall, or by drawing a loose tile after the live wall is gone (sl: Catching the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea)
1Catching the Fish From the Bottom of the River - player obtains Mah-Jongg on a discard made when the last tile in the live wall is drawn
1robbing a kong (sl:Scratching a Carrying Pole)
1completing an Original Call (sl:Heaven's Blessing, Earth's Blessing)

Special Limit hands
Heaven's Blessing - East's original dealt hand is complete
Earth's Blessing - South, West or North Mah-Jongg on East's first discard
Gathering Plum Blossom from the Roof - complete hand by drawing five dot from the kong box
Catching the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea - drawing last tile from wall, and is a one dot
Scratching a Carrying Pole - robbing a kong of two bamboo
Kong upon Kong (Twofold Fortune) - completing a kong, and with loose tile drawn completes a second kong, and with loose tile drawn obtains Mah-Jongg
Fourfold Plenty - hand of four kongs and a pair
Buried Treasure - hand of four concealed pongs, and last tile is drawn from the wall
The Three Great Scholars - set of each Dragon, another pong, and a pair
Four Blessings Hovering o'er the Door (Four Joys in Full) - set of each of the Winds, plus a pair
All Symbols - all honour tiles
Heads and Tails - hand entirely of ones and nines
The Imperial Jade - hand entirely of all-green tiles (2, 3, 4, 6, 8 bamboo and green Dragon only)
Nine Sacred Lamps of Lotus (Nine United Sons) - completing a calling hand, where it could be completed by any one of nine different tiles; must be entirely concealed and of one suit: 1-1-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-9-9. May complete by drawing from wall or claiming a discard.
The Wriggling Snake - clear suit hand of: set of ones, set of nines, pair of twos, fives or eights, and two sequences of the missing numbers. Need not be concealed.
i.e. one of9-9-92-23-4-56-7-81-1-1
Concealed Clear Suit - clear suit hand, entirely concealed including the last tile.
The Thirteen Unique Wonders (Thirteen Grades of Imperial Treasure) - hand containing one each of the thirteen major tiles, plus a fourteenth which forms a pair with any one of them. (NOTE: this is the ONLY exception to the requirement that a hand consist of four sets and a pair.)
East's Thirteenth Consecutive Mah-Jongg - self-explanatory. After winning this hand, East relinquishes his title to South.