Mao Prime: Basic Rules & Penalties (version 1.0)

Mao has a small set of rules. The rules can be split into three sets: known rules, unknown rules, & dynamic rules. All of the 'unknown rules' are defined by their penalties that are given out when a player acts incorrectly.

Known Rules:

Dynamic Rules:

For First Round After Someone Wins

Unknown Rules(secret):

Description Penalty
Breaking "trivial" rules Bad etiquette
Don't touch your cards before the dealer Touching cards before the dealer
Don't discuss the rules Discusing rules
Play in the order defined by the rules Playing out of order
Only 5 seconds to perform any action Delaying game
Card played must follow the rules Bad card
Don't make any incorrect penalties Bad call
Don't talk outside of a POO Talking
Don't touch cards inside of a POO Touching cards during a point of order
Don't say "point of order" inside of a POO Saying "point of order" inside a point of order
Must say "Mao" after playing last card Failing to say "Mao"
Must win the game after playing last card Failure to win the game
If player fails to win after playing last card, he/she must have 4 cards in hand. Failure to hold at least 4 cards